Westwood, California


Butler Terrace is a twenty-four unit residential condominium project. The residential units are located on three floors with two-story loft units on the third floor. The third floor units all have private roof top patios. A single level garage provides for all of the required parking plus a large storage room with individual storage lockers for each unit.


There is a large whirlpool spa terrace on the roof for all of the homeowners to enjoy the California sun and socialize.

Inasmuch as this building site sits in a mixed zone area with a mixture of multi-family and single family residences, we felt it necessary to be sensitive to the scale of the neighborhood. By visually reducing the exterior wall area by the use of exterior shiplap cladding and window trim molding we were able to lessen the perceptual mass of the building. By over sizing the detailing of the balconies we further enhanced the visual deception of scale.


The budget was more limited on this project than most of our residential developments so we had to be much more cost conscious. We were still able to provide spacious home with plenty of light and ventilation. The large amount of window area actually made the units feel much larger spatially.


The floor plan layouts were carefully designed to conform to standard size lumber lengths mitigating as much waste as possible.


Although this was a project with a tight budget strategic detailing and amenities give this project a luxury feel. Large sunlit elevator lobbies were provided on each floor with a large furnished entry foyer on the ground floor. Wainscoting, ceiling molding, special lighting, contrasting carpet at the perimeter and at the recessed entries with double doors all helped to create a luxurious feeling at minimal cost. We also carefully detailed all of the bathrooms and kitchens to give the impression of a custom home.












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