Commercial and Industrial Clients –


  Rossi Properties, Inc.

  Bank of America

  Summa Properties

  Manufacturers Life Insurance Company

  Developers Investment Group

  Kampar Development Corporation

  The Mann Group

  Prudential Life Insurance Company of America

  R. L. Jackson Company

  General Cinema Corporation

  Property Development Consultants

  The Jim Halsey Company

  Maler/Dinow Developers

  Vikron Corporation

  Alta Development Corporation

  Creative Building and Management

  Columbia Bar & Grill

  Kenco Construction Inc.

  Pool & Sarraille

  Taco Bell

  Calstar Construction

  R.W. Selby & Company

  Camdi International

  Sunset Palm Development Corporation

  Bogarz Inc.

  Petersen Publishing Company

  Moradzedeh & Shaoulian

  Standard Management Company

  CBS Realcorp

  Sunanon Enterprises

  Martin Tahse productions

  American Secured Investments

  The Pick/Vanoff Company

  Sunset Gower Studios Ltd.

  Voltaire Investments

  Arthur A. Gillis & Associates

  Kavco Construction Company

  T & B Ansley Corporation


  Ambrosio Investments

  CityScape Development Inc.

  Garwen Properties

Institutional and Government Clients –


  City of Los Angeles

  County of Los Angeles

  Burbank Airport Authority

  Loveland Ecumenical Center

  Willie Ross Foundation

Multi-Family Residential Clients –


  Watt Industries

  Aminoff & Company

  R N Development International

  Golden State Investments

  Developers Investment Group

  R S Construction Company

  The Fremont Group

  Kampar Development Corporation

  Drown/Hanson Contractors


  J X Construction

  MGM Properties

  AMV Holdings NV

  Jacobs and Quittman Development

  Nakam Corporation

  Majestic Woods Corporation

  Shay & Adel, Inc.

  Francis & Ross Development Company

  Boren, Elperin, Howard & Sloan LLC

  R.W. Selby & Company

  EA Investments

  Perfect Real Estate Inc.

  PAR Investments

  Michael L. Keele Enterprises

  E & E Development and Investment

  Crystal Hill Investments

  Puma Development

  Kiowa Development

  Property Development Consultants

  Retirement Services Corporation


  The Jim Halsey Company

  N & K Investment Group

  Fireside Builders

  S.A. Katz Construction Company

  Century Pacific Investment

  Ananetics Corporation

  Lawrence B. Harvey

  Builders Capital Corporation

  Schulman Enterprises

  Continental Development Corporation

  Novak, Cooper & Wohlgemuth

  Robert Tebbe Construction

  Pan West Development Corporation

  Cepahn Construction

  Columbia Group

  Siebar Development Corporation

Retail, Restaurant and Corporate Interiors -


  Contempo Casuals

  Millers Outpost




  Brook Furniture

  Yves Saint Laurent

  Six Flags Theme Parks

  Leos Flowers

  The Wine Bistro

  Bogarz Jewelry

  Columbia Bar & Grill

  The Rug Gallery

  Bank of America

  La Maison Francais

  Store of Knowledge

  Fox and Carskadon

  Wayne Rogers

  BioZone Laboratories, Inc.

  Kinetics Technology International

  Liberty Mutual Insurance

  Philadelphia Manufacturers Insurance

  Seaway Express Lines

  Windes & McClaughry Corporation

  Century National Insurance

  Ohio Casualty Insurance Company

  Progressive Savings and Loan

  Brentwood Savings & Loan

  Uno de 50

  Walker & Zanger Showrooms

  East Coast Bagel

  Fleet Street Sports




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