Marina Del Rey, California


For this project, the Client asked if we could do a complete makeover of their existing bagel shop and restaurant.  Though primarily in the business of making and selling bagels, the bagels being made in the back of  the store not shown in the renderings below, the shop also serves lunches, coffee, tea, and other beverages during the morning and afternoon hours.  We took our key for the design theme from the name of the shop, "East Coast Bagel."  What better representation of the East Coast than New York City!  Icons from the Great City were strategically placed throughout the  shop.  The colors were themed to be warm and cozy, just like a bagel would be considered comfort food.  We wanted the patrons to feel as though they just stepped into a bagel shop in the heart of New York City!


There was a great deal of attention spent on detail to make this design come off.  Lighting, furniture, fixtures, menus, and the food prep area were all designed very meticulously.  Everything was custom designed by our firm.  As with all of our work, the design was fully realized in 3D CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) as you can see from the renderings below.


Whenever you are in Marina Del Rey stop by East Coast Bagel and pick some up, they're the best we have ever had!




































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