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Who wouldn't want to be a kid again and this client provided that opportunity. We actually got to design a retail store that catered to the inquisitive minds of youth...and some older minds as well. The Store of Knowledge is a joint venture between the store and the local public television channels throughout the Country. The photographs depict the KCET/Store of Knowledge which happens to be the public broadcasting television channel for Los Angeles. This particular store is located in the Santa Monica Place mall in Santa Monica, California. We are actually involved in SOK's throughout the nation.


Since this “is” the Store of Knowledge we created a timeline just below the ceiling which sets forth significant events in human history, particularly those which would appeal to our target audience. You may have noticed the photograph of Albert Einstein, the Fender guitar and the peace sign over the cashwrap. And what child isn't fascinated with dinosaurs? So why not have a Tyrannosaurus Rex breaking through the wall. Space, the last frontier. How about a dome at night with stars? It's an environment that excites the mind and presents new possibilities.


We worked closely with the production team at Store of Knowledge as well as their design consultants, fixture specialists, contractors and subcontractors. Working with creative minds from all disciplines is synergy at its best.


The best part is visiting the stores after they have been completed and seeing the expressions on the faces of the young ones...including those young at heart.































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