Toluca Lake, California


Toluca Lake Townhomes is a sixteen unit residential condominium project made up of two-story town home style units. The project has eight units on the street frontage with eight units on the alley. In order to give the alley facing units better views the rear facing units were placed on top of a grade level garage structure. By lifting the rear units up one-story they now had views over the adjacent predominantly one-story single family residences.


By cleverly designing the garage structure each of the units has direct access from their individual private parking garages.

Raising the rear units serendipitously enhanced the design by giving the project the feel of a hillside stepped Mediterranean villa. Special attention was given to the architecture, both in style and scale, to insure that it fit well into the established architectural vernacular of Toluca Lake.


The project was very successful proven by the fact that two more projects of the same type and size were commissioned with our firm within the same block.







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