West Hollywood, California


Vista Plaza is a mixed use project combining retail and office space in in four stories and 54,000 square feet over a subterranean garage. The ground floor with its higher ceilings provides retail space fronting on Sunset Boulevard, one of the main thoroughfares for the area. The rear portion of the ground floor provides unique office space aimed particularly at the entertainment and design industries. The upper three stories are exclusively office space.


The project is named "Vista Plaza" because it is sited on a hillside lot with spectacular views of the city. The corner lot provided unobstructed views on two sides of the parcel and a self imposed setback enabled the rear of the building to have glazed openings. The structure was designed to sit above the adjoining structure to the rear thus enabling spectacular views. The setback provided private patios for the office space on the ground floor, a great place for casual meetings, creative brain-storming, or just plain lunch breaks, if you could take your eyes off the view.


The utility and transportation core of the building was kept to a minimum as ere the public corridors giving the building an extremely high ratio of usable area to gross area. The office bay depths are optimized for the tenant profile in the area.




















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