Beverly Hills, California


This is our design for the Yves Saint Laurent haute couture boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We were commissioned to work with YSL in coordinating input from their Los Angeles, New York and Paris offices and assist them on the design of the exterior and interior of their new store.


This project demanded that we come up with a unique but classic overall design concept and then realize that concept down to the minutest detail. Attention to the every small nuance was extremely crucial and required by the client. YSL was noted for their fine attention to detail in clothing and that attention to detail was not spared on their showroom.


As is the case with many subtle designs with stark detailing that level of subtlety takes a great deal of technical thought and hard work. This was no exception! Coordination of all disciplines became extremely critical for everything to work properly, both aesthetically and functionally. The limits of practical design were definitely pushed on this project.


































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